land is really flat

Fuerte Olimpo, Brazil is on the opposite bank or the river.
Navigation along the Paraguay river onboard of M/N Aquidaban, which makes regular passengers and freight service between the cities of Concepcion and Bahia Negra.

The River Paraguay is the second major river in the Rio de la Plata watershed, it runs over a course of approximately 2,549 kilometers (1,584 miles) from its headwaters in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso to its confluence with the Parana River north of Corrientes, covering a vast area of land that includes major portions of northern Argentina, southern Brazil, Uruguay, parts of Bolivia and the entire country of Paraguay. Unlike many of the other great rivers of the Parana basin, the Paraguay has not been dammed for hydroelectric power generation, and as such it is navigable for a considerable distance. This makes it an important shipping and trade corridor, providing a much needed link to the Atlantic Ocean for the otherwise landlocked nations of Paraguay and Bolivia. It serves such important cities as Asuncion and Concepcion in Paraguay and Formosa in Argentina.

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