REALITIES – a photo book by JAN SAUDEK


Jan Saudek

Jan Saudek is the visionary author of the fantastic and psycologically embedded photos collected in Realities. But he’s also a talented drawer and a gentle man. He looks at our world with the mind of a poet, having lived a life of lights and shades.

What I didn’t know is that he’s a reserved and private person, and not a tech guy at all. So, since he lives in Prague and I don’t, the interview had to be carried out via emails, mine, letters and drawings, his. It has been a unique experience, and a very enjoyable one.

Here you can see some of Jan Saudek’s letters and some of his photos. Enjoy, and slow down, since, as I learned from Jan, moments in life have a truly different flavor at a mellow pace.


Here’re some of the questions I posed (you’ll find Saudek’s answers in the drawings below):

– What steps or phases have led to your artwork as it is today. Influences, evolution.

– Step out of your shoes for a second. How would you recognize a Saudek.

– Your most recent pictures are primarily interiors, although some of your exterior shots have brought you acclaim. Is it a choice, to shoot in a studio, or is it a natural result of your photographic path.

– What do you feel is the difference between shooting in a studio versus in the streets/open spaces.

– Could you tell me about the place where you shot Realities.

– Some of your models have a peculiar beauty. What do you see in them. Where do you find them.

– What’s their role in the making of the image.

– I understand that sometimes you pose a model yourself, why.

– One of the characteristics of your images, beside the models and the composition, is the color. Do you develop and print your film yourself or use a lab.

– How do you obtain such a difference in color tones. – What kind of retouch do you do and which instruments do you use. Is it a difficult process.

– What lead you to interact this way with the images.

– Gear, film and paper. What kind of equipment, film and paper do you use.

– What kind of equipment, film and paper did you use for the making of Realities.

Michele Molinari

all images © Jan Saudek

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4 Responses to REALITIES – a photo book by JAN SAUDEK

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I found this article very helpful as an artist and its written with a loving perspective to Saudek; really nicely done. I have a question regarding the film he uses… In the article he says he uses Ilford 22- is that the same as Ilford FP4?


  2. Shae says:

    Hello, really lovely article, I found it very helpful and insightful. I have a question regarding the film he uses, he notes that he uses Ilford 22…Is that the same as Ilford FP4?
    Any guidance would be much appreciated,
    Thank you.

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