untitled – Georg Pagenstedt


untitledGeorg Pagenstedt – Hamburg, Germany


I made the photo in a subway station of Hamburg Central Station, on the way back from Hamburg Övelgönne beach with my family. I was just taking some snapshots while we were waiting for the train. The elder son in the red shirt is reading the soccer magazine and he’s totally uninterested in hat is going on while my wife throws our younger son through the air.

The upside down view looks a bit disturbing. Seems strange. I like to make pictures of unusual moments.
There’s no need to see faces or smiles to capture the joy of the moment. The impossible torsion, if it were one single person, puzzles the mind and at the same time opens the door to emotion.

About michele molinari
Positive thinker, multimedia artist, passionate blogger, traveler not tourist.

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