from the WEDDING Album – Roman Tripler


From the Wedding Album – Roman Tripler – Hennef, Germany


I don’t do wedding pictures, I don’t want to screw up freedom with contracts. When Miriam and Bodo, very good friends of mine, asked me if I could do some shots, beside the ones taken by the official wedding photographer, I accepted with pleasure. The other guy, whom by the way always swaggered with Camera Porn, was standing in the way all the time, but the few occasions in which I was alone with my friends we had great fun. The results are photos like this one, because they could and would not pose for me. They really loved the album I gave them, it’s full of life and emotions.

I love life as it is and I want to show things that people forget or not see. This awareness will be also slow but steadily lost and we have the task to save it.
Unconventional Wedding Photography is a new trend which aims to fix feelings and emotions instead of focusing on dull aesthetics. Strip the newlyweds from tight formality and show they love each other … and that are having fun together.

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