OPENING – Aurélien Foucault


Opening – Aurélien Foucault a.k.a. Фуко – Beijing, China


My family and I have just moved to China and this picture was taken during our apartment hunting in Beijing. We had visited so many places and started to feel desperate. During one of these visits, we walked past that little ray of sunshine and the contrast between it’s softness and the decaying wire fence just hit me.
So I took out my phone and snapped that picture with the Hipstamatic App.
I don’t often take my heavy camera gear with me when I’ve got things to do in the city, so my phone has become the “on the spot” camera.
My “serious” photography work is done with medium-format cameras (Arax & Mamiya) and a digital Nikon.
I never edit pictures coming out of the phone because the resolution is just too low.


See, imagine, shoot is the usual photographers’ protocol, which hasn’t changed since. When technology gave us good enough cameras in mobile smart phones and editing dedicated applications, creative photographers began to drop bulky equipment for iPhones or similar, not as an alternative, but as a new fun and catch-the-emotions gadgets. iPhoneography is called the photography made with the iPhone; the cons: low resolution, minimal editing mainly done by choosing apps presets; the pros: creative freedom, easy sharing.

Here, the trained eye of Фуко transforms a dull cut in the fence into a message of hope.

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Positive thinker, multimedia artist, passionate blogger, traveler not tourist.

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