DMITRIJS Breaking Time – Julius Reque

Dmitrijs Breaking Time


Dmitrijs Breaking TimeJulius Reque Vancouver, Canada


I was walking with my friend, Dmitrijs, and taking photos around Vancouver. We went inside this building that had an interesting sculpture-like set of stairs that lead nowhere, it just brought you up. As I look behind the camera to take a photo he stepped into the frame and started climbing. In a split second I decided to hold the shutter until he got to the middle. I didn’t really think much about it until I transferred the photos to my computer later on, and scrolling fast through the series he seem to be actually moving in a single frame, like in a movie. That’s when I thought I’d superimpose the frames into one.


Killer instinct, in this case photographer instinct, is what drove Julius toward a great image. Nowadays big cities flourish in modern and original architecture, taking pictures of them is fairly easy and common. What’s more difficult is inserting human presence in a congruent and meaningful way; here almost a cinematic way: the meeting point of photography and video.

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