Rainy ANNECY – Ivan Vessela a.k.a. FIN FILM


Rainy Annecy – Ivan Vessela a.k.a. FIN FILM – Annecy, France


Since some time ago I’ve got obsessed with Tilt-Shift lenses. Since I’m not a professional photographer I just walk around with a camera and shoot lots of pictures. I’m trying to achieve a miniature look of the shots without using software or postproduction. I’m just getting accustomed to those kind of lenses.
In that sense this image, like many others I shot, is a tryout and doesn’t really have a deeper meaning or statement. As one can notice here, all my pictures are taken from a high ground in order to make the subjects look like in a toy model. What really pleases me is the change of the scale: you shoot something that’s big but it looks rather small and fake. I like that.
In the case of this particular shot I was attending the animation film festival in Annecy, and as I exit the projection hall I found myself on the second floor in front of the big window. I wouldn’t miss a chance to take a shot like that. I wouldn’t say that this is the best miniature look, but it’s definitely an odd looking image.


Tilt-Shift photography refers to the use of specific lenses that can change the plane of focus with a tilt, rotation of the lens plane relative to the image plane, and a shift, movement of the lens parallel to the image plane. The effect is often used to simulate a miniature scene.

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