MOCCA the Sphynx cat – Arno


Mocca the Sphynx cat – Arno – Luxembourg


I take pictures of my cats quite often — with my professional cameras or simply with my phone. However, often during the best, most intimate or most playful moments I do not have any camera at hand and then, sadly, I miss those moments. Taking pictures of my cats is also sometimes difficult because they want to play with the straps of my cameras whenever they can reach them. Sphynx cats are special because they are very interactive with other cats (that’s why I have two), dogs, and people. They require a lot of attention because they love to play and cuddle, they are always around people — they even jump into the shower! Since these kitties have no fur they need to be bathed from time to time. Moreover, they should never be let outside because they could catch cold or get sunburnt. The rest of the care is similar to that of other cats’. Although to some persons Sphynx cats look like aliens, most of the people fall in love with these cats the moment they get a chance to interact.


90 percent of pet owners talk to their pets, and no doubts all of them also take pictures of their animal friends, mainly cats and dogs, and dull pictures. And pretty much all of these millions of pictures make their way to the Net provoking yawning and repetitive unoriginal “cute” comments. Then some skilled photographer comes along with a particular touch for portraits, people portraits, strong contrasts of body and environment, and here we go with a cat photo that stands out of the crowd. I agree, the cat breed definitely helps to make the photo original, as the matching eyes / fabric color, but what really makes this image not a pet photo is the photographer’s approach to composition and lighting. This photo is a perfect portrait, doesn’t matter if pet or human.

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