WE sat in the SUN

Buenos Aires: a table by the window in the noon sunlight, we sat and chat.

app: instagram / filter: toaster

standing TALL

Buenos Aires: standing tall in the Microcentro.

app: camera+ / filter: pinhole / border: vintage

BLONDE and curly

Buenos Aires: blonde woman from behind. Sipping on a coffee she was watching outside of the window, thinking and waiting. He showed up.

app: cameramatic

FALL leaves

Buenos Aires: Gingko biloba leaves on first day of Winter.

app: camera+ / filter: xpro-c41 / border: light grit

I have to tell you a SECRET

Buenos Aires: a coffee just for you and me.

app: camera+ / filter: miniaturize / border: offset

alone after the CONCERT

Buenos Aires: after a jazz free concert at the San Martin theatre on Avenida Corrientes.

app: camera+ / filter: overlay / border: dark grit

waiting to board the SPACE ship

Buenos Aires: moviegoers in line at the Gaumont theatre.

app: cameramatic / filter: lomo-like green / frame: viewfinder 00

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