BERLIN MITTE – Jörg Schmiedekind


Berlin Mitte project – Jörg Schmiedekind – Berlin, Germany


Denn oft ist das Gewöhnliche spektakulär genug = Because the ordinary is often spectacular enough.

Jörg Schmiedekind started painting at the age of 16. After copying surrealists masters like Magritte, Tanguy and Max Ernst he found interest in photorealism. While painting he was also photographing his hometown, which is nearly free of classical points of interest; he lately decided to take some of these photographs as pattern for photorealistic oil paintings on canvas.

That was the beginning of a serious occupation with cityscape photography, it was around 1983.

The following year Jörg went to Berlin to study architecture; since 1992  he’s working as an architect.
After wandering the city without a camera for many years,  in 2005 he decided that cityscape photography should enter his daily routine. He now carries around, most of the time, a Canon Eos 5d mark II.

As one can see in his photographs, gray and cloudy skies are his favorites, and that’s because of an homogenous tracing of all objects and of the possibility to act free with no restriction resulting from sunlight-direction.
He considers that in an ideal, and touching situation, beyond their everyday usage trivial objects could stand for themselves in a photograph, no people around.
Berlin Mitte is a work-in-progress that develops in a new city which has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Schmiedekind’s photography is not about documenting, although he considers that great jobs have been done along with some bad ones, but mostly a quest for interesting situation beyond architectural photography.
“This is my personal look on what’s happening in Berlin, putting so-called ugly things into an aesthetic context”.

Berlin LOVERS – Jürgen Bürgin


Berlin Lovers – Jürgen Bürgin – Berlin, Germany


‘Berlin Lovers’ is one of my earlier photos, it’s made in the subway station at Berlin Alexanderplatz. For me it’s somehow one of my own classic photos. Some of my photos I’ve seen too often for myself, but with this here it’s really different, I still can look at it, and somehow the scene touches me still. Maybe it’s one of my photos that explains best my understanding of photography. It has much to do with storytelling. I like to tell those untold stories that are happening every day in every place on this planet, those small little stories of love, hate, deception, sympathy, pride and so on… But I’m not telling the real stories. Although this photo isn’t staged, although the people here aren’t actors, although they are real persons that were there accidentally on the day on which I took the photo – despite all this, this is a piece of art, that is telling its own story. To be exact: Not the artwork, and neither the artist is telling the story. The artwork is only evoking innumerable different stories – in the mind of the viewer, in the fantasy of the beholder. So the viewer – and his individual perception of the artwork – is becoming an essential, or even the only relevant part of the artwork. The artwork is coming to existence in the perception of the recipient, and nowhere else. And I still like this photo for its openness, for its big variety of connotations it is evoking in me: connotations to movies and novels, connotations to my own experiences with loving someone, the connotation of a big city jungle.


Bürgin’s Lovers are unique people in a dull environment. Dark green edited image creates a Metropolis’ setting that steers the focus on people instead of the surrounding architecture (beside the artificial, Alexanderplatz train station is to be seen, as many others along U-bahn). The photographer catches that very single moment capable of stimulating a wide range of emotions in the viewer. What are those lovers talking about?

wandering BERLIN – CONTEMPORARY details

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