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SEAT with a VIEW

Flying is annoying and unconfortable. Packed like sardines, we’re often forced to stand next seat maniac strangers, junk tasteless food that comes too often and inconsiderate reclining passengers in front of us. Not to mention the movies that have already been seen and the polite but strong willed attitude of the crew members to keep passengers seated as looong as possible. There’re no books nor computer games that can alleviate the pain … are we there yet!?

Actually, to fly is not that bad, there’s also some positive stuff. First of all Leaving, the first step of Searching. Then the airport, the center of the world, entering one is getting closer to any place; and finally a window seat. Here it comes, no matter what the purpose of the flight is, it’s always worth it if one gets a seat with a view. Suspended in the air with nose tip stamped on the cool windows suface, one can forget other passengers and coffee in styrofoam glasses.

seat with a view is a selection of images taken through the narrow plane’s window, in order to kill the boredom and to regain the possession of time. They’re ground geometries and wing parts, clouds, seas, skies, cities and real maps: they’re the moments-images that pass us by so quickly that the clock of personal thoughtfulness has been stolen. Travel is agonizing, but seat with a view’s images keep it alive.

SUBTErraneo – subway in BUENOS AIRES

Iguazu – the WATERFALLS

October is usually a great month for visiting Iguazu: rainy season in the Amazon is almost over and a huge amount of water reaches the Falls.

The water roar covers the jungle sounds and amazes the National Park visitors, stunned by the view and the fearless flights of the Great Dusky Swift. Waterfalls are everywhere, but the not-to-be-missed highlight is the Garganta del Diablo: a C shaped front that can be seen from a terrace built on the very edge.

Touring Argentina: Misiones

The Mission: with Robert de Niro and Jeremy Iron, DVD

Fodor’s Argentina: Gold Guide


Santa Cruz PATAGONIA – glaciers and wild nature

MILAN – random visits

Every time I travel to Italy I have to give my regards to Milan where I always find an intriguing frame worth to be shot.

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