la BOULOGNAISE – Amandine Paulandré


la Boulognaise – Amandine Paulandre – Paris, France


I was wandering the Bois de Boulogne, a forest near Paris, with a friend, I wanted to shoot her. I like to say something different with my images, I think I have a pretty neutral style but I also like to play with the lines of Nature. So, when I saw the big tree on the ground I knew I found what I was looking for, since I wanted a shot in the serie without the face of the model. It’s more a one of a kind i guess. I’m not sure what it conveys to other people but for me it has a certain sense of serenity. The hair look like octopus’ legs, i liked this idea.


No matter how perfect and inspiring the result image is, model photography can be utterly boring in the dullness of repetition: beautiful model, beautiful setting, beautiful everything and again. In la Boulognaise, Amandine Paulandré breaks out from the cristal box and create a connection between a perfect setting, a forest by end of summer, and a beautiful girl … We can’t see her, that’s true, but how could it be otherwise with all that beauty around?! Imagination.

BLONDE and curly

Buenos Aires: blonde woman from behind. Sipping on a coffee she was watching outside of the window, thinking and waiting. He showed up.

app: cameramatic

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