Reino Zoologico – Filipe Berndt – Brazil, Italy


Reino Zoologico goes beyond our simple child zoo memories. Animals placed in an artificial environment collide with our child memories. Children’s delight gives way to adult’s reality. As a result of an extensive research and visit to over twenty five zoos in Brazil and Italy, the images show empty spaces. We do not see animals, but we perceive their presence, either by body stains left on the walls or by glasses fogged by their breath. Their presence is immanent. The enhancement of architecture created by man in attempt to replicate nature is intentional. He believes cement stone, plastic plants and artificial waterfalls can achieve the same level of life in the open.


Filipe Berndt’s minimalistic images emphasize on the contrast between memories and reality, wildlife beauty and artificial one. Green and brown are the colors of a forest, here they talk about walls, rocks, cement, hard presence of what confine visually absent animals to a  dreary and alienated environment.


@Central Galeria, R. Mourato Coelho 751, Sao Paulo, Brazil – Opening November 8, till December 15, 2012.



“There’s a series of skies where I’ll pick a place on a map, like a Rand McNally map, and go to that place and photograph the sky. What’s in the photograph is not clouds, there’s no horizon line. There’s nothing in there. It’s really atmosphere, light. My idea was that the photographs become a Rorschachs. What gives it its conceptual meaning is the name of the place. Each of the places is keyed by where I took it.”

Richard Misrach

“Not since Alfred Stieglitz photographed clouds in the 1920s has a photographer made so much of the earth’s atmosphere and precious little else …. the results are as emotionally evocative as Stieglitz wanted his cloud “Equivalents” to be, and as purified of quotidian reality as any painting by Mark Rothko or Robert Motherwell.

NYT Book Review

Skies wider than imagination and colors that defy man’s memories: Misrach’s images are broadening the perception of the sky and giving it an identity. It’s the methaphor of a travel toward the quiet meditation, the impulse to fall in a Real image.

Michele Molinari

all images © Richard Misrach

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a lot of SKY – BLUE above Buenos Aires

San Clemente es DIFERENTE

San Clemente is the first, in terms of distance coming from Buenos Aires, seaside resort on the Atlantic coast. Water is dirty and sand is even worst. Hotels are moldy and restaurants serve low quality food.

Well, so, sun is for free and photography still a pleasure. 🙂

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