il TONNO ROSSO alla maniera di CARLOFORTE, in Sardegna

Carloforte è l’unica città dell’isola di San Pietro, alla quale a volte da il nome, situata a poca distanza dalla costa sudoccidentale della Sardegna. Colonizzata nella prima metà del XVIII secolo da pescatori liguri di corallo rosso, ne mantiene la lingua e molte delle tradizioni. La pesca del tonno nella regione del Sulcis risale invece al XV secolo, mentre la sola tonnara sulcitana ancora in attività, quella dell’Isola Piana, a circa mezzo miglio marino dalla punta nordorientale dell’isola di San Pietro, alla fine del XVII secolo. Si pesca da aprile a metà luglio in tonnara, oppure usando la tonnara volante, con rete da circuizione, o con un sistema di lenze indicato come palamiti. Quando la pesca è buona le reti si riempiono del pregiato tonno rosso, Thunnus thynnus, o tonno a pinna blu, per intendersi quello che si consuma pure crudo nei piatti di sushi sashimi, e per il quale i giapponesi sono disposti a pagare autentiche fortune.

La cucina di Carloforte è a forte identità mediterranea: prodotti freschi e genuini sposano aromi e sapori locali in piatti gustosi e dai colori intensi, come nella ricetta del tonno con pomodori al profumo di alloro.

Preparazione: si taglia il trancio di tonno rosso a grossi tocchi e lo si rosola, sui due lati, nell’olio bollente avendo cura di non spezzarlo; meglio usare un cucchiaio o una pinza di legno per girarlo. Quando la cottura inizia a entrare nella carne, che cambia colore, abbassare la fiamma, aggiungere le foglie di alloro spezzettate e il vino bianco spruzzato abbondantemente che va fatto sfumare a fiamma più forte. Poco prima che si asciughi completamente il vino aggiungere i pomodori tagliati a dado. Salare e fare addensare il sugo. Generalmente, da questo punto in avanti, 10 minuti di cottura sono sufficienti. Per chi preferisca un tonno semi crudo, solo rosolato sui lati, la cottura si interrompe quando il vino bianco è sfumato, e la salsa rossa, preparata a parte, va aggiunta direttamente nel piatto.

Ingredienti per 4 persone: 600-800g di trancio di tonno rosso, olio extravergine di oliva, foglie di alloro, pomodori maturi, sale. Il vino bianco di Sardegna si sposa alla perfezione: Vernaccia di Oristano o Vermentino.

foto e contributo al testo © Valerio Griffa


colors are WASHED away, like MEMORIES


Aguas Verdes is a peaceful seaside resort along the cost of Buenos Aires Province, in Argentina. Nothing fancy nor trendy, almost no restaurant but a rundown café on the beach, two food sellers and one general store called Nudist Beach, which actually doesn’t exist … the beach not the store: it’s a tourists trap. In late december the beach, the other beach, coast-long and pretty wide in low tide, is almost deserted, while the water has the typical chocolate hue of the resorts located in the upper part of the Province. One day, though, a unique combination of sea currents and winds, painted the waters in light emerald green, as the name itself suggests.

Tour de MANHATTAN – Simon Garnier


Tour de Manhattan – Simon Garnier – New York City, Usa


I took this picture in one of my Manhattan’s photo walks. It was toward the end of the day, when I usually take my best pictures. I noticed the toys selling guy from 20-30 meters away and this gave me time to observe the biker going around between the legs of pedestrians. As I approached, I knew I wanted to take a picture of that scene, but I needed something more than the toy itself. After 2-3 minutes wait a man, with gilded sandals and shiny green toenails, walked toward the toy. That was the element I was missing. I quickly crouched down and snapped a first picture, but I knew the angle wasn’t good enough. So I decided to put my camera closer to the ground. I only had 1 second to do it, no time to look through the viewfinder: I aimed instinctively.

The picture is a little bit fuzzy because of that (and because it was a bit dark too), but I think it gives the whole scene a sort of illusion of movement that completes the story well.


Street photography requires fast judgement of people movements, quick decisions and, sometimes, unorthodox camera positions. Not to be missed: framing skills and vision of how the settings and characters will compose by themselves. Garnier gather all of these qualities into a single shot. Strong colors and the original toy stand out in a surprisingly interesting background, where lines and chewing gum residues add an intense city texture.

SEOUL: a city where FOOD is FUN

If difference is part of fun, then Korean food is definitely a great enjoyment.

from the WEDDING Album – Roman Tripler


From the Wedding Album – Roman Tripler – Hennef, Germany


I don’t do wedding pictures, I don’t want to screw up freedom with contracts. When Miriam and Bodo, very good friends of mine, asked me if I could do some shots, beside the ones taken by the official wedding photographer, I accepted with pleasure. The other guy, whom by the way always swaggered with Camera Porn, was standing in the way all the time, but the few occasions in which I was alone with my friends we had great fun. The results are photos like this one, because they could and would not pose for me. They really loved the album I gave them, it’s full of life and emotions.

I love life as it is and I want to show things that people forget or not see. This awareness will be also slow but steadily lost and we have the task to save it.
Unconventional Wedding Photography is a new trend which aims to fix feelings and emotions instead of focusing on dull aesthetics. Strip the newlyweds from tight formality and show they love each other … and that are having fun together.

untitled – Georg Pagenstedt


untitledGeorg Pagenstedt – Hamburg, Germany


I made the photo in a subway station of Hamburg Central Station, on the way back from Hamburg Övelgönne beach with my family. I was just taking some snapshots while we were waiting for the train. The elder son in the red shirt is reading the soccer magazine and he’s totally uninterested in hat is going on while my wife throws our younger son through the air.

The upside down view looks a bit disturbing. Seems strange. I like to make pictures of unusual moments.
There’s no need to see faces or smiles to capture the joy of the moment. The impossible torsion, if it were one single person, puzzles the mind and at the same time opens the door to emotion.

Balloons of Bhutan – Jonathan Harris


Balloons of Bhutan – Jonathan Harrys – Bhutan


Organizing its national agenda around the basic tenets of Buddhism, Bhutan uses “Gross National Happiness” instead of GNP to measure its socio-economic prosperity. In 2007, Jonathan Harris, artist and photographer, spent two weeks in Bhutan interviewing and photographing 117 people about their concept of happiness. Balloons of Bhutan gathers those visual moments and people’s wishes both in image and recorded voice.

Jonathan Harris prefers to edit photos according to his memory, instead of the way they should look to be perfect, and that’s probably why the amazingly beautiful light in the photo. The perspective given by the line of balloons and the framing from the tall trees convey a sense of ‘perfect place’, the one chosen for a Happiness moment.


a new LIGHT in town

Buenos Aires: Facultad de Ciencias Economicas along Avenida Cordoba.

iPhone, app: PhotoStudio, fxstudio / napa

untitled – Yukinori Tokoro

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hanging TIGHT

Buenos Aires: riding colectivo 101, people hold on bars.

app: camera+ / fx effect: xpro C-41 / border: round black

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