I left HIM in the BATHTUB


He wasn’t keeping up his promises and making too much fun of me, so I said stop and poisoned him.

I cooked a nice meal and invited him over for dinner. Maria Bethânia was on when he arrived, late as usual. I poured some Côtes du Rhône than suggest a romantic relaxing bath: “I just bought some new salts, you should definitely try ’em. You go first”, I said. He called me once, “Bring some more wine and come over”. That was the last time I heard his voice.

Roast beef with pork liver flavored gravy was superb, but asparagus not as tasty as I wished.

Too bad he couldn’t have a bite. I had twice.



It took long hours to decide which couple was going to pay for the late afternoon ice cream. They played several hands of briscola, exchanging secret signs, smashing cards on the towel, bursting up in collective laughs and kissing. Sweet, tender, smooth, long kisses, as long as the time a wave, born under the spell of a distant storm, takes to die on a sunny sandy beach.

In Otranto, Apulia, Italy.

Iguazu – the WATERFALLS

October is usually a great month for visiting Iguazu: rainy season in the Amazon is almost over and a huge amount of water reaches the Falls.

The water roar covers the jungle sounds and amazes the National Park visitors, stunned by the view and the fearless flights of the Great Dusky Swift. Waterfalls are everywhere, but the not-to-be-missed highlight is the Garganta del Diablo: a C shaped front that can be seen from a terrace built on the very edge.

Touring Argentina: Misiones

The Mission: with Robert de Niro and Jeremy Iron, DVD

Fodor’s Argentina: Gold Guide

reaching OUT


It’s like peace, a sort of relaxing path that leads to fall into water. Pluf, and it’s another dimension.

Three different people took the leap. First come crying and sobbing, head down and fists sealed in pain. Second come running, as a jogger, dark glasses and headphones. Third walked backwards, letting fate decide for his life.

onboard M/N AQUIDABAN – along the PARAGUAY River

Onboard the M/N Aquidaban, from Concepcion to Fuerte Olimpo.

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