FALL leaves

Buenos Aires: Gingko biloba leaves on first day of Winter.

app: camera+ / filter: xpro-c41 / border: light grit

cold, BRUTAL, dark, PHOTOGENIC – Winter in New York

Obvious talks about the brutality of New York’s winters, I definitely agree, but what about the beauty?

SNOW – a photo book by THOMAS FLECHTNER


Thomas Flechtner

Snow is a ghostly and elegant white large format photo book. Almost like as if it were frost covered, it’s fresh to the touch, and once inside, it unveils all the soothing and calming power of winter and snow. Which, despite poetries, authors and people’s beliefs, it’s not white. Not at all.

Flechtner’s powerful eye brings snow alive and allows it a chamaleontic range of hues and tones. Pitch black and grayish yellow when at night time the mountain slopes are sulcated by uneven lines of light; bright milky white that blends in a light dirt gray on the threshold of Shangri-La, across the columns reinforced snow wall; mint green and peach orange in the space lit by neon and car lights, between the geometrically disposed houses in Switzerland; light blue melting into gray and ice blue on the patched surface of the frozen North Atlantic Ocean.

Morover, it isn’t simply about the colors. It’s the lines that draw the viewer into the picture, it’s the total human absence which makes every place a lieu: a state of mind.

It took the photographer 6 winters to complete his project, from 1996 till 2001, but the goal is set: the humble snow reveals a previously unknown identity.

Michele Molinari

all images © Thomas Flechtner

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