BLONDE and curly

Buenos Aires: blonde woman from behind. Sipping on a coffee she was watching outside of the window, thinking and waiting. He showed up.

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Pajon, in Dominican Spanish, literally means a person with hair all messed up and sticking out, but also refers to the typical Afro way of dressing hair: the fluffier and bigger the better. Antonia is very proud of hers.

She recently turned 50, Happy Birthday Antonia!

processing ORANGES – in Entre Rios

Entre Rios, which literally means Between Rivers, the Paraná and Uruguay rivers in this specific case, is a mainly agricultural province of Argentina. Land is flat and rich, Summers are hot and Winters never too cold, the ideal climate for growing citrus orchards like juicy and sweet oranges.

REALITIES – a photo book by JAN SAUDEK


Jan Saudek

Jan Saudek is the visionary author of the fantastic and psycologically embedded photos collected in Realities. But he’s also a talented drawer and a gentle man. He looks at our world with the mind of a poet, having lived a life of lights and shades.

What I didn’t know is that he’s a reserved and private person, and not a tech guy at all. So, since he lives in Prague and I don’t, the interview had to be carried out via emails, mine, letters and drawings, his. It has been a unique experience, and a very enjoyable one.

Here you can see some of Jan Saudek’s letters and some of his photos. Enjoy, and slow down, since, as I learned from Jan, moments in life have a truly different flavor at a mellow pace.


Here’re some of the questions I posed (you’ll find Saudek’s answers in the drawings below):

– What steps or phases have led to your artwork as it is today. Influences, evolution.

– Step out of your shoes for a second. How would you recognize a Saudek.

– Your most recent pictures are primarily interiors, although some of your exterior shots have brought you acclaim. Is it a choice, to shoot in a studio, or is it a natural result of your photographic path.

– What do you feel is the difference between shooting in a studio versus in the streets/open spaces.

– Could you tell me about the place where you shot Realities.

– Some of your models have a peculiar beauty. What do you see in them. Where do you find them.

– What’s their role in the making of the image.

– I understand that sometimes you pose a model yourself, why.

– One of the characteristics of your images, beside the models and the composition, is the color. Do you develop and print your film yourself or use a lab.

– How do you obtain such a difference in color tones. – What kind of retouch do you do and which instruments do you use. Is it a difficult process.

– What lead you to interact this way with the images.

– Gear, film and paper. What kind of equipment, film and paper do you use.

– What kind of equipment, film and paper did you use for the making of Realities.

Michele Molinari

all images © Jan Saudek

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