GAZA is Wonderful

all photos © Alessandro Gandolfi


Gaza is an open air jail. Isolated from Israel, occupied by an extremist party, forgotten by
the rest of the world. But who lives inside – almost two million of people –  dreams about
a normal life. A family, friends, a decorous job.  He wants to have fun, make sport, surf
on internet,  listen to music.

From the outside, Gaza is a hell. From the inside, Gaza is a place of dignity and hope that
nobody wants to describe. Because the international journalism shows only pain and suffering,
destruction and poverty. But luckily it is not only like this.

The book “Gaza is Wonderful” it is a provocation, but just to a certain extent. Because the
project has the goal to show the other side of Gaza. The one that is ignored by the media,
that only a few think it exists indeed. The Gaza of the new generations, who don’t forget the
tragic political context and yet they look ahead, they dream the peace, they imagine a better
future and they try to build it every day.

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