DMITRIJS Breaking Time – Julius Reque

Dmitrijs Breaking Time


Dmitrijs Breaking TimeJulius Reque Vancouver, Canada


I was walking with my friend, Dmitrijs, and taking photos around Vancouver. We went inside this building that had an interesting sculpture-like set of stairs that lead nowhere, it just brought you up. As I look behind the camera to take a photo he stepped into the frame and started climbing. In a split second I decided to hold the shutter until he got to the middle. I didn’t really think much about it until I transferred the photos to my computer later on, and scrolling fast through the series he seem to be actually moving in a single frame, like in a movie. That’s when I thought I’d superimpose the frames into one.


Killer instinct, in this case photographer instinct, is what drove Julius toward a great image. Nowadays big cities flourish in modern and original architecture, taking pictures of them is fairly easy and common. What’s more difficult is inserting human presence in a congruent and meaningful way; here almost a cinematic way: the meeting point of photography and video.



Light Attack – Susan Bein – Portland, Oregon, Usa


I took it while waiting in an ugly office. The only thing that was nice was this stream of light, and I wanted to capture its beauty, so my solution was to blur it to reduce it to its essence. It made my wait worthwhile, and allowed me to be ‘in the moment’ and creative in a very non-creative environment while doing a very pedestrian thing, waiting for a bureaucrat to shuffle papers. For me it’s about finding a speck of beauty in the quotidian.


Out of focus can be such a nuisance for the eye that sometimes photographer’s intentions get as blurred as the image, this is not the case. Susan goes straight to the point and steals light it’s essence: a beautifully painted bright ray. The idea, and the result, is definitely in focus.

Tour de MANHATTAN – Simon Garnier


Tour de Manhattan – Simon Garnier – New York City, Usa


I took this picture in one of my Manhattan’s photo walks. It was toward the end of the day, when I usually take my best pictures. I noticed the toys selling guy from 20-30 meters away and this gave me time to observe the biker going around between the legs of pedestrians. As I approached, I knew I wanted to take a picture of that scene, but I needed something more than the toy itself. After 2-3 minutes wait a man, with gilded sandals and shiny green toenails, walked toward the toy. That was the element I was missing. I quickly crouched down and snapped a first picture, but I knew the angle wasn’t good enough. So I decided to put my camera closer to the ground. I only had 1 second to do it, no time to look through the viewfinder: I aimed instinctively.

The picture is a little bit fuzzy because of that (and because it was a bit dark too), but I think it gives the whole scene a sort of illusion of movement that completes the story well.


Street photography requires fast judgement of people movements, quick decisions and, sometimes, unorthodox camera positions. Not to be missed: framing skills and vision of how the settings and characters will compose by themselves. Garnier gather all of these qualities into a single shot. Strong colors and the original toy stand out in a surprisingly interesting background, where lines and chewing gum residues add an intense city texture.

AMATO OPERA house – BEL CANTO on the Bowery, New York


Only 103 seats and all with a perfect view and acoustics, hand painted scenery and originally design costumes, singers and actors that perform for the great passion of music and bel canto, not for money.

Amato Opera house has entertained opera lovers for 61 years of uninterrupted production. Founded in 1948 by husband and wife team Anthony and Sally Amato, grew to become not only a must-go theatre where to appreciate opera in NYC’s cultural scene, but also a reference point for theatre students and singers, thanks to the enthusiasm, creativity and energy of Mr. and Mrs. Amato.

The Marriage of Figaro by Rossini, was chosen in May, 2009, as it started 61 years before at the auditorium of Our Lady of Pompeii church on Bleecker and Carmine Sts., to end an uninterrupted production. Last permanent home was at 319 Bowery, in the East Village.

HAPPY hours – street DRUNKARDS in New York

I used to live in Hell’s Kitchen, NY, before the New Times Square induced cleansing. Drunkards below my windows and drugs dealing at nighttime.

FIGHT club – PEACEFUL Sunday afternoon

They look like you and me: harmless. But you don’t want to get into a fight with them for just no reason. They know boxing, wrestling, kicking, judo, karate and you name it. They’re nice, ordinary guys, they do business and smile, chat and shake hands and like to be photographed, outside the ring. But once they’re in the ring, the hidden beast surfaces, feeding on your blood and the crowd’s roars at the smashing sound of fists hitting your face and breaking your nose. You eventually give up and the fight is over. Winner or loser, it doesn’t make any difference since there’s no money to win, but a sort of inner relief. Yes, because finally you felt alive, away from the supermarket aisle wanderer, from the cubicle dweller, from the diaper changer. And tomorrow is Monday, a week away from another peaceful Sunday afternoon.

Fight Club – the movie, with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.

cold, BRUTAL, dark, PHOTOGENIC – Winter in New York

Obvious talks about the brutality of New York’s winters, I definitely agree, but what about the beauty?

NELLA PANCIA DELLA BESTIA – un libro di Michele Molinari


Dritte e rovesci sulla vita a New York

Collana Le Tracce n°65, 216 pagine.

Cda & Vivalda Editori 2009.

Dodici mesi di cronache e passioni di un italiano che racconta come si vive, si mangia, si dorme, si legge, si fa sesso, si parla, si litiga, si fa sport, si fa politica, non si fa nulla nella Grande Mela, senza mai di scordarsi di confrontare la vita a New York con quella quotidiana di casa nostra.

Nato a Mantova nel 1960, Michele Molinari è giornalista e fotografo free lance. Prima di iniziare a scrivere ha studiato ingegneria e biologia, ama le grandi città ma non può fare a meno degli spazi aperti. Ha vissuto per un quinto della sua vita a New York, dove si è occupato di viaggi, stili di vita e fatti di costume, scrivendo per le principali case editrici italiane.


Presentazioni e recensioni; le recensioni su aNobii.

Compra il libro da Feltrinelli, su; oppure ordinalo nella tua libreria.

CARHENGE – celebrating myth in NEBRASKA


Carhenge, along Country Road 59 near the city of Alliance, Nebraska, is a replica of Stonehenge, England. Built by Jim Reinders as a memorial to his father, is formed by American cars all painted in gray spray paint; it was dedicated at the June 1987 Summer solstice.

Frequently used in popular culture, it has made appearances in movies, Omaha by Dan Mirvish, on books covers, Velocity by Nancy Krygowski, and mentioned in travel books, 1,000 Places to See in the USA & Canada Before You Die.



In viaggio, da New York a Buenos Aires.
Copertina morbida, 256 pagine.
Ed., 2008.
Prima tappa: Penn Station. Ultima tappa: Retiro. Ma mica diretto, no. Molte tappe di approssimazione successiva collegate da treni autobus e traghetti, tutti mezzi pubblici sia ben chiaro, magari anche qualche tratta a piedi. Perché se è l’Altra America che voglio conoscere, tanto vale che cominci da subito. E veda cambiare i volti e gli abiti, veda mutare le valli in deserti e montagne e campi coltivati, ascolti i dialetti e le musiche e quello che la gente vorrà raccontarmi sulla vita, la loro, la vita nelle Americhe.

Un viaggio on the road ricco di emozioni e incontri ben raccontati.

Nato a Mantova nel 1960, Michele Molinari è giornalista e fotografo free lance, ama le grandi città ma non può fare a meno degli spazi aperti. Lavora appassionatamente per fare del viaggio un modus vivendi, senza mancare di occuparsi di temi sociali, stili di vita e fatti di costume. Attualmente vive a Buenos Aires.

Leggi alcune pagine del libro su Ruta 40.

Compra il libro da Lulu o da


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