Rainy ANNECY – Ivan Vessela a.k.a. FIN FILM


Rainy Annecy – Ivan Vessela a.k.a. FIN FILM – Annecy, France


Since some time ago I’ve got obsessed with Tilt-Shift lenses. Since I’m not a professional photographer I just walk around with a camera and shoot lots of pictures. I’m trying to achieve a miniature look of the shots without using software or postproduction. I’m just getting accustomed to those kind of lenses.
In that sense this image, like many others I shot, is a tryout and doesn’t really have a deeper meaning or statement. As one can notice here, all my pictures are taken from a high ground in order to make the subjects look like in a toy model. What really pleases me is the change of the scale: you shoot something that’s big but it looks rather small and fake. I like that.
In the case of this particular shot I was attending the animation film festival in Annecy, and as I exit the projection hall I found myself on the second floor in front of the big window. I wouldn’t miss a chance to take a shot like that. I wouldn’t say that this is the best miniature look, but it’s definitely an odd looking image.


Tilt-Shift photography refers to the use of specific lenses that can change the plane of focus with a tilt, rotation of the lens plane relative to the image plane, and a shift, movement of the lens parallel to the image plane. The effect is often used to simulate a miniature scene.

la BOULOGNAISE – Amandine Paulandré


la Boulognaise – Amandine Paulandre – Paris, France


I was wandering the Bois de Boulogne, a forest near Paris, with a friend, I wanted to shoot her. I like to say something different with my images, I think I have a pretty neutral style but I also like to play with the lines of Nature. So, when I saw the big tree on the ground I knew I found what I was looking for, since I wanted a shot in the serie without the face of the model. It’s more a one of a kind i guess. I’m not sure what it conveys to other people but for me it has a certain sense of serenity. The hair look like octopus’ legs, i liked this idea.


No matter how perfect and inspiring the result image is, model photography can be utterly boring in the dullness of repetition: beautiful model, beautiful setting, beautiful everything and again. In la Boulognaise, Amandine Paulandré breaks out from the cristal box and create a connection between a perfect setting, a forest by end of summer, and a beautiful girl … We can’t see her, that’s true, but how could it be otherwise with all that beauty around?! Imagination.

the SUMMER of Louis Pastis – in PARIS

Millions of people wonder the streets of Paris every day, especially during Summer. Many come from abroad, others from the outskirts of the city.

One of them comes from the 19 arrondissement. He likes to walk and do things, his name is Louis Pastis.

Paris – C’était le MOIS de la PHOTO

– It was the Month of Photography – is a free study on Paris, done during the Mois.

The photographer, wandering the city from one exhibition to the other, shoots a not iconic yet recognizable Paris.

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